What do students and Olympic athletes have in common? Both seem to perform better under pressure. But is that all there is to it? The best achievers don’t stop getting better after a competition or a school year. They keep on grinding their minds and skills at the wheel, until all that’s left is a sharp mind and an even sharper intellect.

But even the best athletes, need help and assistance. In a students’ case, this means his parents, teachers and other forms academic support, such as tutors and tutoring centers. While the roles of the teachers and tutors are rather obvious, the real deal maker or breaker would be the parents, the students’ first teachers.

So, “What’s the plan?” “How do we get this done?” As in most things, it’s always better to start with the end in mind. As a parent, what do you value more? An A+ average, street smart skills, or perhaps a mix of both. Whatever it is here are a few things you may want to keep in mind.

A Healthy Mind in a Sound Body

In a nutshell, keep them well fed and well rested. There’s a time for study and a time for play, which in many ways is also studying but a lot more fun. A balance of both promotes holistic development and better understanding, application and retention of skills and concepts.

Your Study is My Study

Get involved in your child’s learning process, not just when their grades are given out, or when you pay their tuition. The best thing you can do, as a parent, is to inculcate good study habits. That way, students learn to study on their own and learn accountability and responsibility for themselves.

As Mr. Bobby Ramirez, an 8th grade teacher from Ateneo points out, “Good study habits need to be established from the very beginning. If they plan to prepare and study for their final exams JUST BEFORE the exams, they won’t be able to perform as well as they should.”

Of course not everyone learns the same way. It’s useful to keep in mind the different ways or styles a learner may have. Some of the more common ones are listed below:

  • The One Who Studies Alone – This student is self-reliant and possesses complete notes and materials. They study in their rooms and have the Internet fired up in case there’s a need for quick searches.
  • The Supervised Groupie – These students prefer group study sessions as opposed to solo flights. This type benefits from being near a mentor, who can easily be called on to clarify things and supervise study sessions.
  • The Independent Groupie – There are also students that are used to having study sessions on their own. They have their own strategies for remembering things, like quizzing one another, and the like.
  • The Media Savvy – These students conduct study sessions via group chat. They send each other notes and links, and learn from one another through these online sessions.

Whatever the style or preference, the most important thing to remember is that, learning takes place everywhere, in any way, all the time. Keeping track of what you have learned or what you need to master is a lot easier if you have a system to do so or if you have a place like Tutoring Club, with its unique and tailor fitted system that keeps you on track, and on the go.

Finally, always remember:

Education is the movement from darkness to light. ~Allan Bloom

Be the light.