Summer should always be a treat for the kids. A glorious few months where they’re free to relax from the rigors of school, and have some serious FUN!

Thankfully, fun doesn’t have to exclude valuable learning opportunities that we’d like our kids to have during their down time. Here are some tips on how to make this break “work” for you too.


Ever heard of the popular phrase, “a sound mind in a sound body”?  The old Latin expression was placed first in a list of what’s desirable in life, and rightly so! No better time than now to test-drive new habits to benefit your kids in the future.

NUTRITION – We all know that going for easy-to-cook/canned meals don’t do anyone any favors. Why not make creating yummy and good-for-the-brain menus a team effort? A quick browse online is evidence that healthy doesn’t have to mean boring.

Start your culinary journey with sites like these:

BODY HEALTH – How about embracing an active lifestyle together? Early morning jogs are a great way to score some family time. And get this: being a yoga advocate gives your kids the added perk of learning how to meditate – a useful skill to have when stressful finals season come around.

Get the basics right here:


“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” _ Henry Miller

TRAVEL – Summer is synonymous with packing up and discovering someplace new. Going on trips yield so many positive results – from eating exotic fare, learning new languages, understanding different cultures, and even realizing a deeper appreciation for home.

No need for anything fancy! Good trips also happen much closer than you think:

INTERNSHIPS & JOBS – What about giving your child a taste of making a living? Obtaining an internship or volunteering has become a popular way for youngsters to kick off their vacations.

As mind-expanding experiences go, “working” at a fast food joint or even as assistant to mommy can’t be beat. How about these brilliant suggestions to inspire your young entrepreneur? :


READ – Usually the first tip in everyone’s stay-sharp-in-summer list. This is the time for kids to go wild on books that aren’t part of school’s required reading! Perhaps check out that graphic novel everyone’s been talking about, or find out what the big deal is about a certain book before they turn it into a film.

No preferences? No problem! The folks at guarantee they can find recommendations to everyone’s liking. What’s more, they’ve got best book lists on every kind of genre imaginable so building up that reading goal is made so much easier.

WRITE – Of course it’s going to be an epic summer! All the more reason to encourage your young ones to dust off their journals and write about it – or to level up and blog about it!

Everything you need to know about blogging, and then some, here:


“Enroll in summer workshops – I always recommend at least one sport, and one art.” – says Teacher Kris Cortes from Maria Montessori Children’s School Foundation.

With all the workshop options available these days, your kid’s interest will surely find an outlet. Just don’t forget to give them some well deserved me time after everything is in place. Remember that allowing your kids moments to do their own thing and to hang out with friends will always be at the core of what makes summer such a magical time.