Choosing to homeschool your child may seem overwhelming. With all the modules and activities to choose from, any parent would be intimidated. Let Tutoring Club help. Together, we can ensure your child’s academic success.

The name says it all: homeschooling is teaching your child in the confines of your home. While this task may seem daunting for some, it isn’t for Justine Tajonera, a seasoned homeschooling parent. She says that her children are constantly exposed to several extracurricular activities and she seeks help for subjects that she isn’t confident about.

“Our extracurricular activities are in the sports and music areas: gymnastics, fencing, and violin,” Justine shares.“Apart from that, we also make time for our son to attend special workshops like financial literacy for kids. We also get help from a tutor for our son’s Filipino and Araling Panlipunan.”

Why choose Tutoring Club?

Bev Alarcon, president of Homeschool of Asia Pacific, sees how Tutoring Club programs“can help in terms of technical knowledge.” She adds, “Sometimes parents need to prioritize more urgent things than pondering on technical stuff like algebra and chemistry. That’s where tutors come in. I personally hire a tutor for my kids. They test your level and get you up to speed if you’re behind.”

Justine agrees. “I think some parents feel confident in some subjects but not so confident in others. The good thing about homeschooling is, we homeschooling parents don’t necessarily have to see ourselves as subject matter experts but more as guides and coaches who point our kids to the right resources, whether those are books, classes, workshops, or field trips.”

Problems usually arise when Math, Science, and English increase in difficulty. This is where Tutoring Club comes in.If the homeschooling parent feels that he or she lacks the skills to teach these subjects, he or she can approach Tutoring Club where there are skilled tutors who can step in and help.

Keeping the objectives

Bev chose to homeschool because she believes the home is the best place for her kids. “I am assured of the safety of my children,” she says. “I am assured of the quality of what they learn. I can pass on our family values more effectively, preventing conflict with school teachers. Sometimes what the teacher teaches conflicts with what the parents teach.” And the best part is she and her kids enjoy each other’s company.

Justine, on the other hand, shares that she and her husband “chose to homeschool because we felt that a customized education would be a good way for us to really help our kids develop their characters, passions, and talents. We watched videos, read books, and interviewed homeschooling parents before we took the plunge. It’s difficult, definitely challenging, but also very rewarding.”

Choosing to partner with Tutoring Club is a way to boost your confidence as a homeschooling parent. With the resources that Tutoring Club can provide, you will be even more capable of helping your child achieve academic success.