My child gets easily distracted when he does school work at home. How can I help him focus on his studies?

Tommy Tutor:

The first order of business is to make sure his study area is free of distractions. Does he have a proper desk and chair to use? Is the lighting bright enough? Is it too noisy? Do not have the TV or a video game playing in the background while your child is working. Is the temperature just right?

Next, remove all the “fun” things. Do not have his toys or gadgets nearby. The only things on his desk should be what he needs for that particular lesson.

Third, prepare a schedule right before he begins to study. Remember to include breaks because your child will need to rest his brain, stretch his legs, and have a snack.

Lastly, right before sitting down to work, check if your child is physically ready. Has he taken a bathroom break? Is he thirsty or hungry? Has he changed out of his school uniform and into something comfortable? A shower might help him wake up if he’s feeling groggy and grimy from school.

Eliminate the distractions and your child will be ready—or at the very least have no more excuses—and can finally focus on his studies!