My kid doesn’t get enough sleep because he studies all night. How important is sleep when it comes to school performance?

Tommy Tutor:

Who hasn’t experienced sluggish days from lack of sleep? Fighting off the urge to nod off in the middle of a lecture is no way to improve your grades, and this is probably why the importance of sleep has been ingrained in every student since time immemorial!

But besides re-energizing students for a full day ahead, it has been discovered that sleep has a much more significant use than just rest. A study conducted by a team from the US and China has uncovered the mechanisms of memory through advanced microscopy. Though the body stays largely inactive during sleep, the opposite is true when we take a closer look inside the brain. They discovered that new connections between neurons are made while asleep, and this is exactly what the brain needs to retain memory, promote learning, and to do better in school.