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All of our exclusive TutorAid programs start with a battery of diagnostic tests. Each program is specifically created to develop skills that are necessary for your child to succeed in school. We test every academic area required for your child’s success in each core skill – Math, Reading, and Writing. After testing, we create a TutorAid program with your child’s needs in mind.

Equip your child with the skills to get ahead. Tutoring Club believes that all students have the potential to succeed. Such success results in improved self-esteem, confidence and a “can do” attitude towards the future.

See and Feel the Difference.

Our guaranteed math program ensures that the student has a solid foundation in all basic skills required to advance to the level requirements of the next grade.
It allows the student to go back and build the foundation needed for success in basic math, as well as advanced courses such as algebra and geometry.

Program Content:

– Addition
– Subtraction
– Multiplication
– Division
– Fractions
– Decimals
– Ratios, Proportions, and Percent
– Integers
– Numeration
– Word Problems
– Measurement and Geometric Figures
– Equations
– Introduction to Algebra

Our guaranteed reading program dramatically improves decoding, vocabulary, comprehension, reading rate, and recall. A comprehensive assessment identifies any phonics skill gaps and returns grade level equivalencies for vocabulary and comprehension. From this baseline, we build vocabulary and comprehension by teaching fundamental reading skills until your child confidently reads at or above his grade level.

Beginning Reading

Beginning reading provides a solid foundation that will allow your child to progress to higher reading levels that rely on fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Our phonics-intensive program is appropriate for preparing for the1st grade or for readers who are struggling with phonics.

Program Content:

– Consonant letters and sounds
– Short vowels
– Simple sight words
– Basic sight words
– Long vowels
– Basic blends
– Vocabulary and comprehension
– Five primer levels

From outlining to essay-writing, the TutorAid writing course covers sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Program Content:

– Developing a main idea, sequencing, comparing, incorporating details, differentiating fact from opinion, determining cause and effect
– Presenting an argument and writing from a point of view
– Identifying topic sentences, writing proper paragraph transitions, and proofreading
– Grammar: parts of speech (nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions), sentence structure (subjects and predicates)
– Capitalization (first words, proper nouns, proper adjectives, direct quotations)
– Punctuation (end marks, periods, commas, semicolons, apostrophes, quotation marks, colons)

A Smarter Way to Learn
With TutorUp, you can schedule individualized instruction based on your child’s specific subject needs. Our highly trained tutors are ready to teach topics that are necessary for each subject requirement.

Make an APPOINTMENT for a diagnostic test at a Tutoring Club center today and see how easy it is to GUARANTEE your child success.