“Getting to the root of the problem – Building a generation equipped for the future.”

Strong Vision + Strong Partnerships = Better Future

Together with DepEd, Tutoring Club aims to empower Filipino children with the right tools regardless of socio-economic standing. Tutoring Club has supported DepEd’s Adopt-a-School Program by allowing the use of its exclusive innovative U.S. system that focuses on the root cause of a child’s academic struggles.

The Challenge At Hand

Today’s public schools are overcrowded, so individual students are at a disadvantage. A poor educational system only fuels the vicious cycle of poverty. An uneducated workforce leads to a lack luster economy. Public school students need access to quality education to arm them with the right tools for the future. Students are in need of supplemental tutoring for help with lessons; however, they can’t afford the extra instruction. Even traditional tutoring does not identify the root cause of the problem.

Guaranteed Results

Tutoring Club’s system guarantees to raise a child’s academic performance by a full grade level in just 32 hours! Today, its Public Sector Program has been proven to increase student academic performance and develop the confidence level of its participating students.

Guaranteed Rewards

Together with its Corporate Patrons, Tutoring Club currently has two fully equipped Centers within select Public Schools and aims to grow its public sector centers in the Philippines.

Active involvement in this Program can be mutually beneficial for all parties concerned – from tax incentives to strengthened corporate image and goodwill within the school community.

 The Future

Tutoring Club continually looks for Corporate Patrons to invest in the future of the Philippines by championing the education of tomorrow’s generation.


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