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Early Intervention

All of our exclusive TutorAid programs start with a battery of diagnostic tests. Each program is specifically created to develop skills that are necessary for your child to succeed in school.

Innovative US Program

Tutoring Club’s programs were developed in the United States. These programs use advanced educational technology and time-honored systems of instruction to test, tutor, and track your child’s academic progress.

No Homework

All units and exercises are done on site with our highly trained tutors; hence, homework is not necessary.

Guaranteed Results

Tutoring Club commits to raise your child’s academic level in just 32 hours, with minimum attendance of only 2 hours per week.

Ensure your child gets that competitive advantage with Tutoring Club.

See the difference.



We focus on the fundamentals. The TutorAid math program builds the foundation that is necessary for success in basic math as well as advanced courses, such as algebra and geometry. Read More



The TutorAid reading program provides children with building blocks in basic language skills, including phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension. Read more



From outlining to essay-writing, the TutorAid writing course covers sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Read more


Tutor Up

With TutorUp, you can schedule individualized instruction based on your child’s specific subject needs. Our highly trained tutors are ready to teach topics that are necessary for each subject requirement.Read more